Friday, March 2, 2012

2012 King of the Hill Movie Challenge

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil v. TiMER

This is the final match for the month of February.  March will bring a high-stakes month as I celebrate another year of my life with a movie marathon.  The final movie for February was watched just in time to be reviewed.  Can TiMER stand up to the champions of evil?  There's only one way to find out, read on and see.

For those who do not know, the 2012 King of the Hill Movie Challenge is my system for determining the best movie of year that I saw. One movie from each month will be selected and, at the end of the year, I will do a tournament style showdown where they will take each other on until the final movie has been selected. Bracket placement will be determined by the number of movies the monthly movie faced and won.

Challenger:  TiMER

Director:  Jac Shaeffer

Writer:  Jac Shaeffer

Starring:  Emma Caulfield, Michelle Borth, John Patrick Amedori, Scott Holroyd

TiMER is an alternative reality story in which a service exists that allows you to install a timer onto your wrist.  The timer connects to your true love, assuming they have the same timer, and counts down to the start of the day that you will meet your true love.  When you and your true love meet, the timer chirps and you know you have found them.

The movie is a fascinating look into the philosophical question:  "What is love?"  It addresses this issue by providing characters with completely different situations with the timer.  Oona (Emma Caulfield) has a timer, but no indication of when she will meet her true love.  Steph (Michelle Borth) has a timer that lists her as not meeting her true love until she is in her 40's.  Mikey (John Patrick Amedori) plays a character who refuses to get a timer installed.

TiMER covers an interesting topic and handles it mostly well.  However, in the end, TiMER fails to address the concept of true love adequately.  The main story involves Oona and her love of Mikey and the question as to whether or not Mikey is Oona's true love.  I also was greatly disappointed with Oona.  For everything she went through, I felt like she didn't learn her lesson in the end.  I felt disappointed.  And maybe, the point to the ending was to leave me feeling like it was obvious to the viewer, but not the characters.  However, this wasn't the obvious message left in the end.  I was disappointed.

This was a great film, a great premise, and did a phenomenal job avoiding exposition. For all of that, this movie proposes a question and fails to answer it.  At least with Tucker and Dale vs. Evil you get the promise of what is presented at the start of the film.  All stories need to go to completion.  This one did not bring that satisfaction in the end.

Winner:  Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

(I'll edit in standings tomorrow.  I'm tired)

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