Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hunger Games Pre-Game Show

I'm going to be attending a midnight showing of Hunger Games tomorrow.  I guess you could technically say it is the day AFTER tomorrow.  And, for the showing I'm dressing up.  This will be a first for me.  I have never dressed up for a movie showing.  So, for this blog post, I'm going to do a rundown of my outfit and how ridiculously crazy it is.

My main outfit is built around an awesome red jacket I rarely get to use.  I have an epic Elegant Gothic Aristocrat Faux Rider's Jacket from Fanplusfriend.  I've used the jacket before, but never like this.  The jacket itself has a nice Capital District feel to it, so I decided I'd be one of the bad guys for the movie.  I'm not anyone in particular, just a citizen from Capital District.

After consulting with a friend of mine, I'm focusing on a Red/Black combination.  I've got a pair of black pants the compliment the jacket well and will be wearing my nice black boots.  I sewed a black lace jabot to give my outfit a more elegant and rich person feel to it.  I'll have black gloves and my hair will be a bit crazier than usual.  The details on the last are a bit sketchy, that will be determined tomorrow.

As for the movie, I don't expect much.  The characters cast are way too old for the role.  Specifically the casting of Rue really disappoints me.  Every single promotional trailer makes me feel that the characters look older than they should be.  I'm going to give the movie a fair chance, however.  We'll see what happens.

Photos will be shared for the event, probably on Friday or Saturday.  For now, this is all you get.


  1. I think the casting looks pretty good. I think it's going to be an awesome movie but I have to wait until Sunday to see it.

  2. After having seen the film, the only person I still feel was too old for the part was Liam Hemsworth for the role of Gail.